Charlotte was placed into foster care at the age of nine with her four siblings. Two of her younger siblings were adopted after being in foster care for a year. She had seven different placements and attended ten different schools growing up but still managed to keep in contact with her two older sisters, who were in the same foster home as she was. Though it was difficult to bounce around in foster care, Charlotte maintained a positive attitude & faith in God that everything would work out. Charlotte has a large heart and desires to give back to her community. She was a Leader in Training at Gold Strip Young Men’s Christian Association where she assisted the Youth Counselors in the guidance of the younger children. Charlotte was also a guidance aid in high school, successfully assisting youth transitioning high school to college. Currently Charlotte is attending Charleston Southern University on a full-ride scholarship studying Psychology. Her plan is to obtain her degree and then join the Air Force to travel the world and make a difference on a much larger scale. Charlotte faced many challenges in the foster care system but the hardest to overcome was the ability to trust. While moving so often, the definition of trust became distorted, she says “with every placement the gateway to my heart gained stronger reinforcements and there were less and less people allowed in.”
Today Charlotte has overcome that challenge with the help of God and those around her.
Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2009 Outstanding Young Leaders