Charles likes being around people. One of his jobs is as a DJ in the company he owns (he also works in a factory) which requires communication skills and, in a way, a desire to serve others. Friends describe him as energetic and enthusiastic. He works hard at getting others energized and motivated.

The outcome of those skills is taking on leadership positions, and Charles has been a member of his State Youth Advisory Board and has assisted in planning a statewide youth conference. He also initiates contacting supporters and volunteers of the board with appreciation for their help. In addition, Charles is the chair of his local youth advisory board. With his eight year experience of kin care (or relative care) in the foster care system, Charles openly shares his experiences with his peers and reaches out to new youth in the system.

He is open and non-judgmental ad thoughtful, all qualities of a very successful “people person".

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2012 Outstanding Young Leaders