Chanel Staggers

1 year in Foster Care

21 years old


Chanel Staggers is working on a degree in political science, with a minor in sociology. After graduation, she plans to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology, and aspires to a career centered on fashion design, styling, and creative directing. Eventually, Chanel hopes to use the experience and skills she gains through volunteering and internships to shift into a career in politics.

For more than four years, Chanel has been actively engaged with the ACS Youth Leadership Council in New York. She was a part of the policy committee, where she conducted research, provided analysis and reports, and made recommendations for improvements. Chanel currently serves as a peer mentor on the Council, where she collaborates with her peers to create presentations on topics that impact foster youth, such as employment, education, LGBTQIA2S+ issues, transitioning out of care, and effective trauma-informed strategies to interact with young people. She has also been involved with the City Dreamers program, which conducts numerous community service projects for individuals in need.

Chanel’s experience in foster care included time living in a group home. The experience was life changing, and helped shape Chanel into a highly self-aware individual. She learned to become her own mentor, cheerleader, and critic, and to tap into her internal drive to pursue the life of her dreams. Chanel places a high value on hard work and leading by example.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2022 Outstanding Young Leaders