Cassandra Cook spent 6 years in California's Foster Care System

Cassandra entered the foster care system at the age of thirteen. Over a total of 6 years in foster care, Cassandra experienced over eight different placements. She is currently living on her own, financially stable and attending college. Cassandra says, “Although not perfect, the foster care environment gave me a chance to succeed academically.” She is the first of her biological family to graduate high school and will be the first to graduate college. After Cassandra aged out of the system, she attended California State University Dominguez Hills and is currently attending San Diego State University. Her educational goal is to earn a degree in Business Administration, with a minor in Theatre and Public Administration. After receiving her degree, Cassandra plans to work at a corporation while attending law school. She would like to eventually become an executive and/or lawyer of a major business corporation. In the future, Cassandra would also like to be a business owner and fund a scholarship for foster youth who aspire to attend college. Cassandra has been volunteering for several years throughout her community. She has been involved with organization including The American Red Cross, homeless shelters, Toys for Tots, Casey Family Programs and The Consensus Organizing Foundation. When she volunteers she tries to do something geared for foster youth. In the future, Cassandra plans to continue giving to her community by helping others like her. If possible, she would love to run her own charity. Cassandra is a hard worker and is committed to improving both her life and the lives of others.

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2011 Outstanding Young Leaders