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Britaney Shakir is just completing her freshman year in college, but the education she has gained through her time in foster care is evident. One of the things that is most impressive about Britaney is the way she has used every obstacle handed to her as an opportunity. After multiple foster care placements, Britaney choose to go to the Milton Hershey Boarding School and invest in her education. When it came time to graduate high school, Britaney refused to be discouraged about leaving the school that had provided her stability. Instead, she chose to go to college and plans to give back by becoming a teacher at the school that had made such a big difference in her life. She is working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Religious Studies, and has already begun travelling the world and making a difference through mission trips to Puerto Rico and Mexico. Britaney wants to be a chaplain for missionary trips as well as a Spanish teacher, serving as a conduit of hope to different nations and to students. As a future educator myself, I can only hope to work with teachers as empathetic and student-focused as I know Britaney will be. The resiliency, empathy and determination Britaney has developed through her experience will be a wonderful asset in the classroom.