Spent 7 years in Ohio's foster care system

Brianna was first placed in foster care at age five. She has moved between the care of her biological mother, a relative, foster care and a group home over the period of nine years. She lived in the group home arrangement until a relative took guardianship of her when she was fourteen.

Fast forward 5 years and this young woman is on a mission. Brianna is the president of Montgomery County's Children's Services Visions Youth Advisory Board. She advocates for foster youth and changes that need to be made in order to increase foster care success rate. She also serves as a program specialist for Connecting the Dots. Connecting the Dots assists youth in developing foundational life skills for their own personal growth, interpersonal relationships and career development. These are skills that Brianna is passionate about passing on to others.

Brianna is currently enrolled in college. She's focused on earning a Business degree and studying Social Work. Her dream is to open her own private independent living home. Her story and experiences are truly motivating. She intends to pursue opportunities to speak to youth in the future.

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2013 Outstanding Young Leaders