Bianca Ruthven spent several years in Virginia's Foster Care System

Bianca is interested in making the art world more accessible for everyone. She uses her foster care experiences to raise consciousness and create change regarding the representation of underprivileged groups in fine art. As a graduate student at Carnegie Melon University, Bianca has worked with both museums and community programs aimed at attracting diverse groups to art. One of her peers says is best, “She is cheerful, upbeat, and genuinely cares for others. She is very creative and shares her creativity with others through art projects and teaching. “ Bianca has found an avenue that so seamlessly bonds both of her passions. It is important that as foster care alumni and advocates, we recognize that every area (arts, music, science, etc.) can be used to connect with foster youth and to help them find their own passions. Bianca is doing great work that recognizes this, and the art world and the foster care world are both benefiting from her involvement.

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2011 Outstanding Young Leaders