Azia was in Washington's foster care system for 3 years. After years of parental substance abuse and other challenges, Azia was placed in Washington's foster care system. She entered kinship care with her Aunt, then moved to a group home shortly after, where she'd stay for three years before making her move to independence in early 2017. Thanks to the guidance and support of her caretaker and social workers Azia found motivation to succeed, do well in school and become an advocate for herself and other foster youth. Since entering care, Azia has earned her GED, taken college preparation and enrolled in the Foster to 21 Program. Currently, Azia is a full-time student at North Seattle College working towards an Associate of Arts in Communications with the hopes of earning a bachelor's degree. She serves as a Network Representative at the Mockingbird Society and youth voice for Washington State's Passion2Action advisory board. She would like to pursue a career in journalism or public service, focusing on and serving the uniqueness of different communities and cultures around the world. In her spare time, Azia is an artist, writer, and volunteers in the political sphere on local and national levels