The youngest of three, Ashley went into the Minnesota foster care system at the age of eight years old when her mother was incarcerated. Her time in the system was made even more challenging when she was separated from her two siblings as they went from foster home to foster home.

Though she entered the foster care system at an early age, Ashley couldn’t be more excited about her future. As an organizer for her Youth Leadership Group, Ashley planned group outings, fundraising events and brought together resources that supported the development of the group as a whole and each youth individually.

She feels that her first-hand experience with the foster care system puts her in the perfect position to help current foster care youth through this very trying time in their lives. She actively seeks opportunities to talk with these young people and listen to their stories while sharing her own.

After she completes her Administrative Assistant/Computer Software degree at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College, she plans to enroll in a four-year university. Ashley’s long-term goal is to own and operate her own family bed and breakfast.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2012 Outstanding Young Leaders