Ashley Jackson spent 5 years in foster care.

After five years in kinship care, Ashley is now is living independently with roommates while attending Missouri State University. Ashley is majoring in public relations and aspires for a career in nonprofit event planning and fundraising. It is her dream to find an occupation where she can make an impact in the lives of others and serve as an inspiration. Ashley loves meeting new people and developing relationships. Her hobbies include cooking, social media and enjoying life. Her philosophy is to laugh often, learn from everything and live life to the maximum.

Future aspirations: Ashley will graduate with a degree in public relations in May from Missouri State University. Afterwards it is her hope to pursue a internship with the NRC or CCAI. She then plans to spend a year as an Americorp volunteer before beginning a career in non-profit communication or child welfare policy.

Availability for projects: Document review, Policy development, On-site training (may require travel), Webinars, Writing (such as curriculum development), Work groups (requires on-going participation, perhaps travel)

Affiliations: FosterClub FCAA OFA CASA

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2010 All-Stars