Ashley Henry, age 18, spent 5 years in Missouri’s Child Welfare system.

Ashley entered care at 13 years old and experienced a total of 10 placements. During her time in care, she became a mother to a beautiful baby boy. Amongst all the adversity and stress experienced from being in foster care and family history, she continued to preserve. Creating a Peace Club in her school raising awareness of different controversies in their community. 

Also, Ashley had a great supportive children’s division worker and parent aid - inspiring her to graduate high school and pursue college.  She received three Independence Missouri scholarships and was accepted into college. She is also a parent representative at the Early Head Start Center located at her high school. Aiming to give her son a better life experience that she didn’t receive as a child fuels her goal of graduating with a BA in biology pre-dental. After receiving her degree, Ashley hopes to own a dentist and establish her dental practices all over the world for those in need.

Ashley Henry believes we are all put on this earth for a purpose and it is our destiny to find what we believe in, what is our purpose. In the words of Maya Angelou “If you get, give, and if you learn, teach”. 

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2019 Outstanding Young Leaders