6 years in Vermont Foster Care System

Anonymous* is a 21-year-old from Vermont. While in care, they were constantly moving from place to place, which led them to 17 placements. Overall, they have experienced moving between 70 locations. Struggling with stability based on their circumstances, they were unable to learn how to maintain healthy relationships and connections. Due to the mental instability of their biological parent, Anonymous experienced different types of abuse which led them to stop all contact. In order to achieve a healthier lifestyle, they had to create their own path. Being on their own, Anonymous faced homelessness quite frequently. It was because of these hardships, they have become easily adaptable and it has encouraged them to travel, seeing as how they know no other way! Using it as an advantage instead of weakness, independence is now one of Anonymous' strengths. Every day they continue to grow and accomplish their goals, regarding stability, and staying on the successful path they have created for themself. One hope they have is to create a better understanding of homeless youth and how crucial the transition out of care is for the well being of other youth. Anonymous hopes to use their experience to benefit others for a more stable future. They also plan on adopting a therapeutic fur pal to assist in the aspect of helping others work through the hardships and obstacles along the way.   

*Why "Anonymous"? This individual has requested their information remain anonymous. FosterClub values each of our young people and honors their right to decide how and with whom they share their story.

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