annonymous spent 5 years in Maryland's Foster Care System

Learning opportunity abounds for this college student from Maryland. Her philosopy seems to be that where there is challenge, there will be a chance to achieve, learn, and pass along her experience. Her little brother has been the lucky recipient of her life experience mentoring. She hopes to eventually pass along her positive attitude and apply her principles with many vulnerable children coming into foster care by taking on the challenging work of a Social Worker. She is currently working toward her Bachelors Degree in Human Services at Stevenson University and wishes to go on to graduate school. This amazing young adult's accomplishments include selection to participate in Lead America, an opportunity for an internship in the medical field earning her college credit from Georgetown University. Also, she is a participant in the Youth Advisory Group at Montgomery County Child Welfare and has shared her success story in public forum. She recently initiated a volunteer program to provide Haitian relief efforts at Stevenson University. In addition to being in the Honors Society, she has been the captain of her cheerleading team throughout high school and in college. Her nominator for the Outstanding Young Leader award described her as a “true everyday hero and leader!” and her dedication to high standards for life suggest this is true. Her work goes beyond her circle of friends, beyond her Maryland hometown, beyond the borders of the US.

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2011 Outstanding Young Leaders