Anne spent 6 years in New York's foster care system. Born in DR Congo, Anna moved to Kenya with her siblings when she was eleven. Here, Anna and her sisters relied on each for everything. The siblings moved to America in 2010, where Anna was placed in foster care by the Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program and her experience of two different placements has been remarkable. She has experienced challenges in foster care, especially when she has to say goodbye to her first foster family. Saying goodbye to yet another family was a heart-breaking experience for Anna, it was even more painful because of her younger sister. Fortunately, their second foster parents lovingly opened their home to Anna and her younger sister, where the two girls got involved in different activities which helped them have a better experience. Currently studying at LeMoyne College, Anne is working on her Nursing Degree and she is still in the foster care system. She shares her experiences with other foster youth who are in the refugee program. In High school, Anna participated in programs such as Link Crew, Track and Field, Soccer, and Camp counselor for kids. At her church, she was involved in children's ministry as small group leader and on occasion volunteers with organizations such as Hopeprint, rescue mission and participates in service trips with her college. She has also been involved with hospitals in her community, where she helped with running errands, filling and discharging patients. Short term, Anne would like to be independent in every way. Her goal is to gain experience and create a better future for herself. Long term, Anne plans to join the United Nations before pursuing another degree.