After several mismatches in foster homes throughout high school, Angela was lucky enough to go to a foster family for respite. She found foster parents who were willing to not only take her in for her senior year, but to also support her through her transition into college. "My foster parents along with my MYOI coordinator were very supportive of me through my senior year of high school, throwing me a graduation party, helping me get everything I needed for college, and traveling 8 hours to Michigan Technological University with me to help me move in." However, Angela feels her transition to college was the most difficult part of her foster care experience, despite the support from her foster parents. "I had little guidance when it came to the ACT, scholarship applications, FAFSA, completing my taxes, choosing a university, or getting acclimated to college living." Angela would like to find solutions to these challenges so other youth in the Michigan foster care system can have the support they need.

"I really enjoy a sense of accomplishment, so in my free time I am often volunteering or working on community projects." Her resume supports this statement. Angela serves on the Midland Foster and Adoptive Youth Board, where she has had many opportunities to go to conferences, speak at events, and participate in training's. She has helped to organize book sales, bake sales, and has also helped the Salvation Army by acting as a bell ringer.

Even her relaxation method involves volunteering. "To relax I go to the local Humane Society once a week to walk dogs and cat cuddle." Angela also enjoys reading, taking pictures, watching movies, and spending time with friends.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2009 Outstanding Young Leaders