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Council term: 2013-2015

Amy Peters spent 6 years in Nebraska's foster care system

Amy entered the foster care system in a rural community in Western Nebraska when she was 13. She says one of the more difficult parts of entering care was how often she had to change schools “School was a safe haven to me and I had to change schools often. Having my friends, my grades and extra-curricular activities taken away from me was traumatic.”

Since aging out of care, Amy has served as an advocate for system involved youth at both the state and national level. In 2011, she completed the Foster Youth Internship with the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. In conjunction with fellow interns, she researched and wrote policy recommendations that were presented to members and staff of the 112th Congress.

Amy currently works for Project Everlast, an initiative that strives to find permanent connections and stability for youth aged 14-24 who are involved in the foster care and juvenile justice system. Recently, they successfully advocated for legislation to extend supports and services to age 21 for youth who age out of care in Nebraska. In the past she has worked at the University of Nebraska Center on Children, Families and the Law where she helped build trainings for caseworkers as a part of a curriculum development team.

Amy is also a member the National Foster Youth and Alumni Policy Council and the Nebraska Supreme Court Commission on Children in the Courts.

She is currently studying law at the University of Nebraska College of Law.