Amber Tatkenhorst, 19, Montana’s foster care system


Amber was placed into foster care at the age of 9 and was reunified with her family at 13. Even though she was placed back with her family, it wasn’t the best thing for her. Very soon after her reunification, she left to move back in with her former foster parents. 


Despite bouncing back and forth between homes, she still managed to invest in her education. Amber is a student at the University of Montana, which seemed only a dream to her when she was younger. She has been inducted into the UM advocates. She recognizes this group is a great opportunity for her to become part of the UM community by contributing back to the students. 


She plans to major in psychology with a minor in human and family development. She is determined to graduate in three years with her bachelor’s degree and then move on to her masters in school psychology. 


Amber dreams about being a person whom children feel comfortable around enough to tell her what is challenging them. On top of all of her success in education, she is also doing very well financially and is very proud of how far she has come. 


“All it takes is a few kind words and a spontaneous conversation to change someone’s day. You never know who needs it the most!”

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2019 Outstanding Young Leaders