Amairani Morales spent 5 years in Oregon's foster care system Amairani entered the Oregon Foster Care system at the age 14 due to an unsafe living environment. After entering care, Amairani moved multiple times in different foster homes. After three years, she found a place she could call home. During high school, Amairani was involved in cheerleading for 3 years. As a result, she overcame her fear of speaking in a foreign language. She graduated from Lapine High School in 2015. After high school, she continued to live in her foster home while enrolled in college. Currently, Amairani is waiting for her Visa to attain U.S. citizenship and pursue her life goals. Amairani plans to double major in Counseling and Fitness in her college studies. Amairani is a member of the Latino Club at her college; she volunteers helping coordinate local cultural events. Her passion is helping individuals mentally and physically in life. Amairani enjoys dancing, weight lifting, running, and writing.