Alyssa Andrews 

6 year in Michigan’s Foster Care System 

18 years old 


Alyssa spent about 6 years in and out of foster care. During those 6 years, she had about 5 foster home placements and kinship care placements. 

The future of the foster care system motivates Alyssa’s advocacy. She believes that there is a brighter day coming where all youth in the foster care system have access to every resource they need to be successful in life. Her hobbies are her youtube channel, doing hair, singing, and dancing. Her dream job is to become a behavioral interventionist who works with kids and teens from ages 6-18, who are affected mentally and emotionally by life's trials. She wants to help these youth understand where their problems come from, how to fix them, and how to maintain good health. Alyssa is passionate about advocating for all youth who may not have found their voice or just need that push to use it. Alyssa is devoted to helping people in any way that she can.  

Her comfort food consists of any seafood item. During times where she feels like life isn't going her way, she meditates, draws, or journals to cope with her emotions. To celebrate the good times she’ll break out in dance, hang out with friends, or praise God for her happiness. She believes all risks are worth taking if they are going to lead you to a healthy, safe, and life-changing career/life. Her greatest wish for her community is that they show more love through action and that they all come together and build a strong environment for everyone living. 

A quote that she stands by is “time tells all”. She uses this quote a lot because in the end time will tell if you are dedicated and mean everything you say about who you are and what you want to accomplish in this life. If she could give advice to someone in foster care she would tell them "You were born with superpowers that keep you strong and determined, and when you tap into those powers you are unstoppable."

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