Alisha Foerster spent around 2 years in Missouri's Foster Care System

Alisha is a determined, successful, smart young woman who is a true inspiration. After dealing with several challenges at home, she entered into kinship care at the age of 16. Said Alisha about this experience, "My first year in care, I felt hopeless but through my foster parents and other positive influences, I managed to turn everything around. I am the strong driven person I am today because of being placed in the system. I have no doubts that without the states assistance my life would be going in an entirely different direction." Alisha's always been a great student, and her hard work in the classroom recently paid off with a full ride scholarship to Lindenwood University. She’s looking forward to beginning her freshman year there this fall. With her work as the president of her student council, and also the Co-Chair of Missouri’s Youth Advisory Board, she's also excelled outside the classroom. Alisha is planning on going into the Peace Corps after she gets her Bachelor's Degree. Her dream career is working for the FBI on their Behavioral Analysis Unit. Alisha recently started her first entrepreneurial business (a photography business), and has booked more than 15 clients already! She thoroughly enjoys advocating for foster youth and will continue to do so all her life. In her free time you can find Alisha reading science fiction as well as the classics, painting with watercolors, and analyzing films.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2011 Outstanding Young Leaders