Aliah Hill, age 21, spent 5 years in California’s Child Welfare system.

Aliah entered foster care at the age of 13 years old. During her time in care, she was fortunate to find stability within her foster home. Where her caregivers taught her how to become independent and enhance her skills for adulthood. 

In her free time, she enjoys yoga, meditating, reading, dancing, and cosmetology. She is very creative and expresses her creativity through braiding, weaving, etc. 

Currently, Aliah is going to college and seeking an AA Degree in Business Administration. After attaining her degree she hopes to attain a master's degree. With the proper education and training, she plans to become a Marketing Manager for a Fortune 500 Marketing Agency. 

Aliah is a passionate leader and a vessel of creating change.

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2019 Outstanding Young Leaders