Alex Villarreal spent 6 years in Michigan's foster care system

A true leader is often someone who does an incredible amount of work with little to no recognition. Although Alex has had to face the challenges of a learning disability as well as a host of circumstances imposed on him by his time in foster care, he’s never allowed these trials to stand in the way of becoming a notable leader within the foster care community even when he lacked the benefit of supportive adults.

One of Alex’s strongest leadership traits is that he is so open to learning and improving himself. As the president of Kent County Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative, Alex has always gone the extra step to participate and encourage other youth. His story has been utilized to influence policy and his commitment to youth engagement has made him a valuable asset to every program he’s been involved with. Alex hopes to take his skills further by becoming a social worker and eventually starting his own non-profit to provide services to youth.

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2015 Outstanding Young Leaders