Adrienne White is 19, and a student at Clackamas High School, in Oregon, holding a 3.4 GPA. She has high aspirations to obtain her Bachelor’s of Science, majoring in Pediatric Nursing, at Western Oregon University and also simultaneously at Oregon Health and Science University. She desires to work with Oregon hospitals as a Pediatrics Emergency Room Nurse. Adrienne is highly driven and has the ability to take leadership in most situations, and loves to work and encourage others. She is hoping to obtain a position with the Foster Club All-Stars to further her desires to make a difference in the system, and be a mentor encouraging other foster kids. She has given herself, for years, in volunteering in her community, such as at the Humane Society. She has also helped in Mexico with the building of new residencies for homeless, and needy. Every year she works with N.W. Outdoor Science School as a counselor. She has received many awards for her leadership abilities. Adrienne has come a long way, being placed in 14 foster homes, within the 5 years she was in the foster care system. She has had such a variety of experiences with foster care, because of this, and would like to give it value in her life by sharing her experiences to give insight to the system, on what is good and what needs changing. She also wants to encourage other foster youth in the fact that they are not alone, and help them seek out the opportunities of the system that can help them mold their life. She states that because of moving so many times from home to home, one of her biggest troubles was to leave friends behind, and make new ones, then leave them, and move on and on. Being in foster care, changed her life and her view of herself. She realized what life could be for her, and found the tools to do it. Before this, she had little hope of being anything, or doing anything for her own life to better it. In foster care she realized she had more control over her life than she ever thought. After Adrienne graduates from High School she plans on living in the dormitory at college, and will use her skills to live independently. She is driven to be a success in her life, reaching her goals and living independently.
Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2012 Outstanding Young Leaders