Adrienne Torres


21 Years Old

New York


Adrienne Torres lives in New York State. She goes to school at SUNY Purchase, where she studies theatre, play writing and literature. She plans to get her masters degree in theatre education one day. Adrienne enjoys listening to alternative music, writing songs, painting, drawing, and more! She entered care at the age of 13 with 6 different placements. After she transitions out of care in September, she will continue school as an independent. 


Adrienne hopes to become financially stable, use her resources and knowledge to educate youth around the country. She is passionate about using her voice to  advocate for change: climate change, LGBTQ resources, domestic abuse, child abuse, ect. She is excited to continue growing and learning from the world around her. Although her life has provided many challenges, she is determined to spread her wings and fly.

Team(s) or Cohort(s)
2021 All-Stars