Agnes spent most of her teen years in foster care, going through five different places before emancipating. Prior to entering care she was homeless. She states, “At the age of six I was homeless. While most girls were playing Barbie or dress-up in their mother’s closet, I was playing in a McDonald's trash bin.” Agnes graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in history. She hopes to attend law school and says, “I am interested in becoming a children's rights lawyer. My life has given me my interest in law, my focus on child welfare, and my dreams to help children like myself make good regardless of where they’re coming from.” She has been a speaker for Children United Nations, taught literacy skills, shared her passion for art in the community, worked on behalf of the homeless in Providence, led students as a residential counselor, and interned for the Congressional Coalition on Adoption. In her spare time Agnes likes to create art, be it through painting, taking pictures, film-making, or writing short stories.
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2009 Outstanding Young Leaders