Independent Living Program

Utah Independent Living Services

About this resource

This program provides the following :

Access to safe and affordable housing
Employment at levels sufficient to cover basic needs.
Establish a mentoring program to promote enduring and supportive relationships.
Provide training and education for career preparation.
Promote mental health and physical wellness.
Provide personal life skills training for successful transition to adulthood.
Provide training and support to foster parents to assist in healthy transitions for youth.
Involve youth in all aspects of planning and implementation of services and support.

Utah also provides a "Just for Youth" web site:


  • To be eligible for the Independent Living Program youth must be 15 years old or older (through 21 years of age), currently in foster care in an open dependency action through DSHS or a tribal child welfare agency for at least 30 days after their 15th birthday. Once initial eligibility has been met youth remain eligible until age 21.