Rights in Foster Care

Utah: Foster Youth Rights

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Here is a quick look:

1. Be treated with respect regardless of age,
race, culture, gender, sexual orientation,
gender expression, religious beliefs, family
relations, or family history.
2. Live in a safe and healthy environment with
adequate clothing, appropriate hygienic items,
and sufficient food of nutritional value.
3. Have access to adequate health care services
including mental health, physical health, dental
health, as well as the right to request medical
appointments and consistent and quality
medical attention.
4. Attend our school of origin or an appropriate
school and access to transportation to and from
school (and/or employment and extracurricular
activities, if applicable).
5. Participate in or continue to participate in
healthy and appropriate activities
associated with school, culture, a religious
organization, or within the community.
6. Have access to vital documents (birth certifi-
cate, social security card, state identification
card) before aging out of foster care, as well as
access to services and resources regarding the
transition to adulthood.
7. Express our opinions, thoughts, needs, and
feelings in a respectful, constructive manner.
8. Actively participate in case planning and to be
informed of changes in our case, including
participation in placement decisions.
9. Be allowed to pack our own belongings in
luggage or other suitable containers.
10. Receive quality services that meet our specific
needs in conjunction with a stable environment
and the least amount of disruptions.
11. Be informed of our rights and to have an
identified person or entity to contact when
rights are violated, such as our Guardian ad
Litem or Ombudsman.
12. Maintain healthy relationships with parents
and siblings through frequent visitation
and contact.
13. Have access to important adults including
caseworkers and legal representatives.
14. Be informed of when our court hearings are
and be able to attend those hearings