Tutoring for Success from Down 7 Up 8

About this resource

Many children struggle with reading and math.  Studies show that children who are behind in reading and math by the end of 3rd grade will continue to struggle if they don't get additional help. This program is available to help all children in need who are struggling in reading, comprehension, and math.Each student is assigned their own tutor. The Tutors are volunteers who may be high school students, college students as well as current and retired professionals.Tutors meet with their student once a week for an hour.  They work on fundamental reading and math skills. Tutors also help with homework, note taking and study skills.


Student Requirements:

  • Grade K - 12th grade
  • Experience in foster care
  • Internet access
  • Laptop or Desktop computer needed
  • Tablet or cellphones can be used but not optimal
  • Commit to working with a tutor for four to six months, once a week for an hour


Atlanta, GA 31139
United States