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The Comprehensive Child and Family AssessmentThe Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment (CCFA) is a public/private strategy developed with the goal of improving the well-being, permanency, and safety outcomes for children in foster care through comprehensive assessments. The CCFA serves as the foundation for case planning decisions and for making recommendations to juvenile courts. The CCFA also provides children and families with the opportunity to receive appropriate services and to have successful outcomes.Wrap-Around ServicesWrap-Around (WA) services provide much-needed support to families in crisis and to vulnerable children who are in unsafe environments or circumstances. WA services are intended to promote safe and stable families as well as facilitate early reunification and/or permanency for children in care. As children enter care, the need for WA services are determined as part of the CCFA. Some WA services include:Parent Aide: The Parent Aide program serves to stabilize families in need of intervention by providing in-home and group parenting education through referral to community-based resources utilizing para-professional family support and prevention. The Parent Aide program is available to any family with an open Family Preservation, Permanency, or Adoption Child Welfare case. These services are not designed to address issues that require clinical intervention. Early Intervention: The Early Intervention Program provides preventive support services to families that have some indicators of problematic family functioning which are not significant enough for Child Protective Services intervention or for families with a low assessed future risk of maltreatment. Early Intervention is a short-term program that engages para-professional staff to provide parenting education and support to families through group classes and in-home visitation.Homestead: The Homestead program helps to stabilize families in need of intensive, crisis-oriented therapeutic intervention in an effort to ensure a safe and healthy family environment. These services are available to families with an open Family Preservation, Permanency, or Adoption Child Welfare case.Prevention of Unnecessary Placement (PUP): The PUP program works to reduce risk factors that contribute to child maltreatment. The PUP program offers an array of support and intervention services via assessments and counseling through vendors quipped with the necessary skills and training to address medical and/or mental health needs. PUP may also be used to help a family through a financial crisis by providing emergency funds for rent, utilities or child care. PUP services are available to families with an open Investigation, Family Support, Family Preservation, Permanency or Adoption Child Welfare case.


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