About this resource

PDX Bridge helps students find their pathway to college and a career. Students who have experienced foster care, homelessness, or adjudication receive the support of a college success coach and start taking college classes with a community of peers. The best part? The program is completely free for its students.
Students can take their classes either at PCC Southeast campus or Mt. Hood Community College. For more information, contact allison.trowbridge@pcc.edu or bhaktirose.dawdy@mhcc.edu.




To be eligible for PDX Bridge, youth must be in good academic standing, within one year of high school graduation or equivalent (can be up to one year before or after completion), and fit the criteria in one of the three categories below:

  • Foster care: youth who are currently or have previously been engaged in the foster system.
  • Juvenile justice: youth who are currently or have previously been engaged in the juvenile justice system, or tribal and restorative justice systems.
  • Homeless: youth who are or have been previously homeless or experienced housing instability (frequent evictions, couch surfing, staying with nonparent relatives)

Supportive adults to provide a Referral, please fill out the following form to provide student contact information and eligibility status at: