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Explanation of the Foster Youth Bill of Rights: http://dcfs.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/dcfsnvgov/content/Programs/CWS/IL/FosterYouthBORbrochure(1).pdf Explanation of the Nevada Foster Child Bill of Rights: http://dcfs.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/dcfsnvgov/content/Programs/CWS/IL/FosterChildBORbrochure(2).pdf Nevada Division of Child & Family Services Web page: http://dcfs.nv.gov/Programs/CWS/IL/Know_Your_Rights/ You have a list of rights as a foster youth in Nevada. You can talk to your foster parents, caseworker, CASA, attorney, your judge, or an advocate you have contact with if you need help making sure you get these rights. You have rights in relation to school, housing, family, church, and your medicine/doctor.