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CASA/GAL of Gallatin County, formerly known as Gallatin County CASA/GAL is a nonprofit organization of community volunteers who serve as advocates for children who are alleged victims of abuse and neglect. Trained volunteers serve as the eyes and ears for the Judge. They provide an objective perspective on each case and advocate for the children’s needs while they are involved in the court system.The abused and neglected children referred to CASA/GAL of Gallatin County have many different stories, but they share one thing, someone who was supposed to nurture and protect them has jeopardized their emotional and/or physical wellbeing. They need a voice. They need an advocate solely devoted to their wellbeing. Our program recruits, trains and supports everyday people to advocate for these vulnerable children until they find a safe, permanent home. The trained advocates are often the one consistent adult in the child’s life and work to build resiliency and a trusting relationship in an effort to reduce the effects experienced trauma will have on their future.


Abused and neglected children in the 18th Judicial Court System.


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