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Medicaid Health Insurance - Florida

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Because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which became law in 2010, former/current foster youth under 26 years old are provided with free health insurance through the Medicaid state program.

States have to provide this medical coverage to eligible youth. However, states are NOT required to provide medical coverage to foster youth who move states (so if a person moves out of the state they experienced foster care). Foster youth who move states are usually called “Relocators.” Only 13 states have chosen to provide state Medicaid coverage to Relocators. Unfortunately, Florida does not offer foster care medical coverage to former foster youth who relocate to the state of Florida. 

To sign up for medical insurance for foster youth in Florida:

You can visit the Statewide Medicaid Managed Care website (linked) to access the Medicaid Member Portal, from there you can build your account and fill out the application 
Or you can visit the Medicaid Member Portal directly, at the website here:


Florida does not automatically enroll foster youth into the former foster youth Medicaid program. Foster youth must be signed up before aging out of care at 18+ to qualify for Medicaid until age 26. 

If there is no direct question, do not forget to write on your Medicaid application that you are a former foster youth! 

Medicaid for former foster youth is not based on income. 


  • Must have experienced foster care in the State of Florida
  • Must currently live in Florida
  • Youth need to be enrolled in Medicaid before aging out of foster care