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Iowa - Education & Training Voucher (ETV)

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The Education and Training Voucher (ETV) awards $5,000 per year to eligible current/former foster youth.

Students must first complete the:

FAFSA Application 
Iowa College Aid Processing System Application

Those applications must be submitted before your ETV application. ONCE BOTH of those applications are completed, the systems will notify your state ETV Program that you have applied.

Once that is processed, you should be notified if you were granted an award. However, the award will go directly to your school of choice. If there is leftover money, your school will process that and is responsible for getting that to you. 


  • Exited foster care (this includes group home, shelter, kinship or family foster care) supervised by the DHS/Juvenile Court Services within 30 days of their 18th birthday or later
  • If you've received your maximum award for the year, please still visit the website to see if you can get more funding
  • Were legally adopted or entered the Subsidized Guardianship Program from Iowa foster care at age 16 or older