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Foster CARE Closet of Nebraska

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We are guided by 5 core values that focus on meeting the immediate needs of children in crisis as they enter into the foster care system and continued support through their foster care journey.

We are broken people serving broken families

Our purpose is to serve with compassion and respect to every person involved in the foster care journey.

Every person has value

Our passion is to restore dignity to children in the first hours of their foster care journey by providing for their immediate needs of shelter, food and NEW clothing.

We are a team

Our focus is on providng support to the case managers by providing and intentionally designed space for them to be able to have difficult conversation.  Supporting the biological family by providing for immediate needs of their children such as food and clothing.  Supporting the foster family by making sure that we have met the immediate needs of a child as they enter into foster care and by supporting a foster child by meeting their needs of a safe place to wait, making sure they are fed and helping them shop for NEW clothing.

We tackle problems

We don't see obsticles, we see opportunities!

We are intentional influencers

We pride ourselves on purposefully setting the tone for the foster care journey for our children.  We believe that the standard should focus on meeting the child's needs first, then being a team partner with everybody involved and helping our children experience hope in the midst of a very scary time for them.

The Foster Haven
  We don't believe that foster care should start in a cubicle!

We are available 24/7 for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services to bring a child who must enter into the foster care system.
We have trained staff to support children in those first hours of their foster care journey
Our environment allows case managers to visually see the child the entire time but protect the child from overhearing difficult conversations
A child will transition into foster care with a full tummy and 5 NEW outfits of clothing

Foster CARE Closet

Foster care is a journey, not a destination.  We are here to help support our children the entire foster care journey.

We continue to provide up to 5 outfits during each season for as long as the child remains in foster care
We provide a quiet environment that is not open to the public to help accomodate any special needs for our child or for their caregiver
Our foster parents schedule a time to shop so that we can offer all our focus on meeting the needs of the child
We provide additional support resources to families navigating the road of foster care