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Uniquely situated as a department in both the Division of Academic Affairs and the Division of Student Affairs, The CARE Center is designed to provide transition, engagement, and academic support services for traditionally underrepresented and disadvantaged populations at The Florida State University. The CARE Unconquered Scholars Program is designed to provide additional academic and personal support to students who were previously classified as foster care, homeless, ward of the State, or relative care.


  • Must have been in formal or informal relative care, foster care, ward of the state, or classified as an homeless/unaccompanied youth while in high school
  • Must have a completed FAFSA on file with the Office of Financial Aid
  • Must be willing to participate in group and individual programming throughout your tenure at Florida State University
  • Must be eligible for admission to CARE.
  • Students not enrolling through the CARE Summer Bridge Program may apply for lateral admission into Unconquered Scholars in the Fall semester of their first year at FSU.
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