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Dawson Promise

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DCC will provide each student with year-round living accommodations (on-campus), individualized mentoring and advising and assistance with completing financial aid and scholarship applications, while also requiring each student to work 10-15 hours a week and have a monthly payment plan (sliding scale system) to be invested in their education! Our goal is to be in partnership with the students and not simply give them a free education. We also provide the students Life Skills sessions to include: resume writing, personal finances and budgeting, mental health and more.What will participation in Dawson Promise look like?DCC’s Financial Aid office helps students complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).A mentor will help students through the admissions and enrollment processes and introduce them to their academic advisor.Students will work one-on-one with their advisor to determine a course of study for their chosen program and will meet periodically to discuss progress.Students will be provided with year-round on-campus housing and may begin classes as soon as they graduate from high school.Students will be provided with various life skills training; such as, resume writing, personal finances and budgeting, interviewing skills, grocery shopping tips, and more.Students will be provided a community host family through the Adopt-a-Buc program. Host families assist students in their transition to the community.The Human Resources team will help students obtain on-campus employment.


To be eligible to apply for the Dawson Promise program individuals must:

  • Be a resident of Montana.
  • Have graduated high school or obtained a GED within the past 2 years.
  • Be an unaccompanied youth who meets one of the below categories:
    • Has aged-out of foster care
    • Is a homeless youth; as defined by HUD.


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