Ombudsman (Complaints)

Children's Ombudsman

About this resource

Ombudsman is a Swedish word that means "representative" or "agent." Ombudsman or Child Advocates were established within states and/or Child Welfare to investigate complaints, concerns, or violations of children right's while in foster care.

If you have concerns or complaints with the Child Protective Services Department and the handling of a case, youth, or any human who interacts with out-of-home placement youth, please follow these steps to get Maine's Ombudsman to investigate your claims:

Submit a Complaint (linked) form on Maine's Ombudsman website
Contact Maine's Ombudsman directly:

by email: [email protected]
By phone: 1-866-621-0758 or 207-213-4773


The Ombudsman cannot respond to emergency situations or concerns. If you are concerned about the safety of a child, you can call your local authorities or please call the child abuse hotline, 1-800-452-1999.