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Children & Families of Iowa

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About Children & Families of Iowa


Children & Families of Iowa is one of the top family services organizations in Iowa. Through its programs and services, the organization helps everyone from children who need a safe home to adults learning to cope with trauma. Children & Families of Iowa doesn’t just offer solutions for families and children in crisis. It offers hope when it seems like there is none left. It offers a chance to build better futures. It offers an opportunity to change lives.

This special organization has been there for children and families for more than 132 years. It was there when children orphaned by poverty needed someone to help find them loving, permanent homes. Through the years, it has been there for “unwed” mothers, for abused women and children, for abandoned teenagers and for families on the brink of disaster.

Today, Children & Families of Iowa stands on this foundation of caring as one of Iowa’s largest, most well-respected providers of family services. From a small adoption agency serving a few hundred children to a statewide organization serving thousands of Iowans every year, the organization has grown by adhering to one basic principle: every child and family deserves to be safe.

Children & Families of Iowa has been recognized for its outstanding service to the community and ability to respond to the needs of Iowans:

CFI holds multiple contracts with the state and various counties.
CFI is a United Way partner agency, and therefore held to high standards in our programs.
CFI partners with hundreds of local organizations to ensure we are delivering the highest level of care.
All of CFI’s programs are accredited or licensed.
Many of the programs, such as services for victims of domestic violence, programs for foster youth, offer services unique in Iowa and in the communities they serve.