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Medicaid is basic health insurance that is available to foster youth or former foster youth who are eligible. Foster youth may qualify under MAGI based eligibility.

Apply directly online or by downloading the application and mailing it in to the address of your region which is provided on page 27 and 28 of the application. For assistance, those pages also provide regional phone numbers for you to contact or you can call the number we have provided 24hrs a day. You can find additional information here:


  • Let your application assister or caseworker know you are applying under MAGI based eligibility. Interviews are not required for persons applying for the following MAGI Based eligibility categories • Parents and Other Caretakers • Pregnant Women • Infants and Children under Age 21 • Former Foster Care Children up to the Age 26
  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires states to provide young adults under 26 with free health care if they were in foster care at age 18 or older. This ensures that former foster youth can access the health care services they need – just like a non-foster youth who can stay on their parents’ insurance plans until 26.