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About this resource

Facing Foster Care in Alaska (FFCA) is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the foster care system, developing leadership skills among current and former foster youth ages 15-24, and creating a network of peer support for foster youth throughout the state. FFCA provides foster youth an opportunity to share their personal experiences about life in foster care to raise community awareness, educate child welfare staff, and government officials, and educate foster youth throughout the state about their rights and resources. Youth also have an opportunity to hold a position on the Youth Leadership Board, to represent their region of the state. Foster youth gain working knowledge of Alaska’s child welfare system, develop skills in public speaking, advocacy, and have a unique opportunity to connect with their peers throughout the state.


  • Youth currently in care, age 15 and older, are eligible.

  • Youth must be willing to participate in the advisory board, and must want to work on improving the foster care system for others.

  • Alumni are those youth ages 18-24 and currently out of care who were in legal out-of-home placement through the Office of Children’s Services sometime during their youth.