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To Whom It May Concern, All-Star BlogIf you’re reading this you may very well be in foster care. Foster care is capable of trying you until feel like giving up. Everyone in the child welfare system is put there for different reasons and at different ages. You may be with your siblings or you may be separated. You may be the only child in your family to enter care. We all come from different places and have our own experiences.

For myself, I entered the system March 10, 2002. I was nine years old. That day will always stick with me. It was the day my siblings remained at home with my mom and I was sent away to live with strangers. I entered care because of my learned behaviors. I was a very angry out of control little girl.

Throughout the years, I moved a lot. I experienced things that made me feel isolated from the normal world. The one positive thing I had was school. When other youth were forced to attend a special school, I remained in public school. This was because I am very intelligent and my team recognized that school was my safe space. Public school was were I thrived.

Once I started high school I found my permanent last foster home for the remainder of my time in care. This home provided me with several opportunities and opened numerous doors for me. I was able to play sports, go to friend’s houses, get a job, etc. They never gave up on me. They helped me find myself and become the person I am today.

Now, I am almost 24 years old. I have a good job working with special need preschoolers. I also have my own apartment, car and benefits. I am a single mother as well as a 2016 FosterClub All-Star. I advocate for youth in care and speak to foster parents about what to expect and how to be the best foster parent in my opinion.

The reason I gave you a brief history about myself is to show you that your past doesn’t dictate your future. The experiences you have or will have does not define who you are and where you will go in life. Life is full of trial and error, learning from your mistakes and seeing the good in your situation is what’s important. Everything is temporary. Foster care will push you, test you and try to break you. This turns you into a strong, independent, and versatile adult.

If you feel alone, I promise you’re not. If you feel like no one is supporting you and you’re on your own, e-mail me. I am willing to listen and help you anyway I can. And always remember, you are capable, smart, strong, loved, worthy, and so much more.


Jul 15, 2016 By KaylaCarmen