As We Go On, We Remember, All the Times We Had Together...

It's been more than a year since I've written a blog, but its the holiday season and i figure it would be a good time to give a recent update on my life. hmmm, where to start? the last time i wrote a blog i been home from seaside for a little over a month and i was still getting used to being back home. well ive been home from seaside over a year now and let me say that in some ways im still adjusting. i definitely still miss my allstar family, there is a need for a reunion soon. :)

In the last year ive experienced alot of changes, some good and some bad. some easy and some hard, but im still hear and im still moving forward. one of the hardest changes that i faced this past year was splitting from a very controlling and abusive ex boyfriend because of a very dangerous situation. looking back at that entire relationship, i dont know what i was thinking staying with him for two years, especially after everything i went through in just three months during my allstar internship, but for some reason i stayed. i also think of all the red flags i saw but ignored, stupidly. i am very appreciative for the support and love that my allstar family gave me after the break up. (thats how you know they truly are family, after my horrible lapse in judgment they still love and supported me.) :)

Since the break up things in my life have been pretty great! im in school training to be an EMT which i absolutely love, i joined a gym and met a extremely cute and muscular personal trainer who just so happens to be my boyfriend, and hes a total sweetheart. i got all of my friends and the rest of my life back after the break, which was amazing. dont get me wrong though, my life hasnt been pieced together completely yet, im due to move in about twelve days and i dont have an apartment to move into yet, my cell phone bill is just shy of 700 dollars, and my sister just moved about 1,000 miles across the country, but hey life goes on and im doing my best. :)

I guess now im just going on about random things but to sum it all up, I miss my allstar family and Seaside. my life isnt easy, but then again whos really is? ive grown up alot in the last year and ive got my head on straight again and im moving forward. i guess what im trying to say is that i finally figured out part of what life and being an adult is about, things happen and people face struggles everyday, the way you deal with them makes you the person you are and you just have to move on and live life to the fullest no matter what your struggles are. live life with no regrets. :) ... and as our lives change, from whatever we will still be, friends forever.<3