I cannot tell you how sad it is to know that this will be the first summer in two years that I will not be in Seaside, OR. I am fortunate to return back to Michigan in April and will be looking at opportunities to help FosterClub and to volunteer in my community, across the country, and internationally. I find that I am the most relaxed when I volunteer.

One of my personal favorite blogs about volunteering, travel, and life is by a good friend of mine from Canada, Ms. Sarah Vickery, who spends lots of time traveling and has inspired me to look for more opportunities to volunteer. Reading her blogs of people from across the world makes me want to meet as many people in my life as possible. This will make me the most blessed person to walk this earth in my eyes. Today is as good of a day as ever to volunteer and be a good person. I encourage you all to take some time during your summer to volunteer. You never know who you may be helping or how but I guarantee that they will be appreciative. I also am a strong believer that if you do good, good will be done onto you!

Here is a link to my friend’s blog: www.sarah-leone.blogspot.com

And here is an organization I think would be a good opportunity to any of you that want to do international volunteering. I still encourage you to volunteer at home as well. No matter how big, powerful, or rich you get never forget where you came from and be true to yourself.


All of this talk about Seaside makes me think I may need to do a road trip to Seaside to see the FosterClub Staff and say hello to the ocean again. I have been missing my summer adventures a little more every day and well life back in the states to be honest. I just keep reminding myself I have a great opportunity and there are always more opportunities so let’s take advantage of them each and every day!

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