Two Conferences and a Holiday Down...Where Do The Days Go?

so wow where do i start, this will be a long blog. So transition from training to actually conference was crazy. This was also personally my first conference i have ever attended, so i had no ideal what to expect. I wish i could of gone to one while i was in care i know everyone had fun and learned something who attended.

Oregon conference was an experience i will not forget. The sun came out to welcome us and everyday was a beautiful day. My workshops were awesome and i loved that people actually wanted to talk to me after to share. It was the first time i related to a person about their story and mine. I knew what i said made a difference and what they shared with me meant more then they realized. It was hard for me to make friends as a kid so just being in these types of social environments are all new situations. Its easy for me to remember my thought process when i was in high school. I remember so vividly having so many emotions i could implode from pressure. I remember longing for someone to talk to that could relate to what i was feeling. I wish i could of had time to talk and share with everyone. There were so many people that attended. For a first conference experience rating i give it five stars because i loved getting to know everyone.

So then we went straight to a California conference and when i say straight there...i mean literally one ended and by time we drove to Cali it was time to set up for registration, intense. I thought it was awesome, i was so hyped from the first conference, i knew California would be a whole new experience. First day was great, got to see everyone who was attending and listen to some public speakers. I loved it!!! i love to soak up knowledge from other people. I know i can learn something from everyone. As the youth watched i watched and there were people who really had some great perspective to share. I was over whelmed with emotion. Before being an Foster Club Allstar i had never listened to someone just speak in such motivating and inspiring ways. It just felt good to feel ok with some emotions i had when i was younger and reflect on my growth since. This whole summer so far has been that way. California was so much fun too...i can hardly wait for the next conference.

So i have to say those conferences were some jam packed intense days and i took so much from it all. When we got bake to Seaside everyone just decompressed and relaxed for a second. July 4th was WOW thats all i can say. I have never seen fireworks like how Seasiders do fireworks. The beach was a war zone, bon fires, tents, people, and fireworks everywhere. The beach was thick with smoke and i couldnt hold still because fireworks were going off in every directions. I was feed all day with great food. I can say my favorite July 4th for sure.

Everyday is a new just learning as much as i can as i go : )