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Hola, fellow muggles.

Hey buttercups, Today I will be giving you information about the three main resources for former foster youth in Nevada, one in which I currently am apart of. When I was adopted I moved out and the real world took me by surprise. I did not know about any of these resources that I will share with you today, If it weren't for my Tracey I probably would of been out on the streets. So today maybe I can help you guys, if you're looking for some positives resources. First we have the “Nevada Independent Living Program”.... You many have already heard about this program if you live, or have lived in Nevada, The NILP is transitional housing program, that provides ‘single’ homeless youth with temporary housing to youth ages 16-21. The program doesn't just provide housing, they also help with key skills in the youth's life, such as providing food, clothes, bus passes, and financial help. Once the residents are all moved in, the real work begins. Residents are provided a case worker, and you begin your case plan. Each person's case plans, are unique just as our situations. The caseworkers provide amazing assistance such as counseling, tutoring, and life skills, and help youth transition into the adult world.

Now I know that that was a lot of great info…. (applause) But…. There's more! The second Organization that can help provide amazing resources to youth is “Specialized Alternatives for Family and Youth (SAFY)”. The SAFY organization in a lot of ways is like NILP except their main focus is family based. The five main areas that NILP help with are; Reunification (youth going back with family), TFC (Therapeutic Foster care), Adoption services, Older youth services ( Prepare youth for independent living), and behavioral health. I personally love their motto… “Focusing on safety and needs within families in their communities, we build on each individual's strength to achieve positive, lasting change.”

Last but certainly not least is St. Jude's The Crossings. I am really passionate about this organization, not only because it's super amazing but because I am apart of it. My first day at the crossings I had a lot of anxiety, I had never been in this position before so I did not know what to expect. The crossings is a very small community with only fifteen units. You are provided a upstyle studio apartment, and if you are unemployed then the program covers your living cost until you are on your feet. Once you move in you and staff create you a case plan, and get you rolling on the new start of your life. While living at crossings, I got my first official job, completed school, got my ID, Birth Certificate, and build life skills. The crossings helps not only with foster youth, but with homeless youth and youth who were on drugs. All in all, The crossings has helped my life, start becoming full, and meaningful.

I hope that today I helped provided plenty of meaningful, and informative information on these few resources. I hope you all take full advantage of these resources, there are plenty of resources that can and will help. If you want even more information on these programs I have below the information for Nevada's ETV /ILP state supervisor. Karla Navarro; Social Service Program Specialist ll Independent Living Specialist Division Of Child and Family Services Email: Phone: (775) 684-7955

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Sometimes foster children, especially those with older foster parents, are great benefactors of this program.