Today the True Learning Begins...

Today I started to learn that family is really the most important thing in my life. I went to and did my first panel discussion as an All-Star. I started to cry when they asked if we where seperated from our siblings. I could not help it and it seem to just overwhelm me all at once. I felt like I had just discovered my life.

I love my older brother and sister so much and this is the longest I will go without seeing them. I miss my parents, the two best people in my eyes. I am starting to learn about myself like I never knew I could.. I thought that I already knew everything that I could about myself. I learned that without knowing what permenance was I had it in my life. I learned that the most important thing to me is FAMILY.

I learned that family is both blood and LOVE. I learned that even if I am having a difficult time and it does not seem to be family around my new friend and fellow All-Stars helped to support me and make it feel just a little better. They know how to make me laugh and make me feel like I still have my family with me just a different part of my family.

I have the people I was raised with but I also have my foster care family which is all the children that have been or are in the foster care system. SO here is to an Amazing group of Young Leaders... the 2010 Foster Club All-Stars and my new extended family that teach me about myself and to love them even more everyday.

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