Thank God I Made It

I have been in alot of struggles and obstacles in my life but i had to overcome them in some manner. I had to think that i had something to life for in life and that i was here for a reason. One of my struggles in my life was losing my adopted mom twice. I lost her once in the foster care system because i was stubborn to go back home and live with her. But after a while she seen i was doing better in my education and she was happy for me. Secondly time was because of Death. My mom died 3 years ago. That has been the hardest thing to deal with for me. Because we didnt have the best relationship but we were working on it. I felt like we got very close over the years i havent lived with her. I think about her like all the time. I had so much to say to her but i waited to long. Sometimes we might think we might have all the time in the world but we dont. So if you are in a guilty set of mind and you want to talk to your bio parents or something and your ready for it on all levels i would because down the road it will get to you. I think that things in my life had happen to make me stronger as a person and also a leader. Because without some of these experience i can really honestly say i dont know where i would be. Going through all of the challenges in my life i can say "THANK GOD I MADE IT". I made it on all levels I am very successful. I am a leader, a college student, an adovcate, a teacher,a musician, and a foster kid Dont let your life challenges held you down because you are on this earth for a reason. You might not know this reason but you willl find out as you go on. Remember that there is life after foster care it is just one tiny tiny section of your life "Thank God I made it from the foster care System. I am blessed and god bless you all"