A Story About My Life

First I lived in Los Angeles, California- where my mom met my dad at UCLA and where my mom had family: my grandparents, and aunts and uncles

I grew up with my biological parents:

A mom, a dad and a younger sister

We moved to New Jersey- where my father had three sisters who migrated here from Venezuela.

We lived in Atlantic City, NJ where we had our first cat, where i met the uncle from the fresh prince of Bel-aire , where i ate ice-cream with Donald trump on a school trip, where my sister cried for a mermaid squirt gun, where my cat jumped out of our window, where we were bought out by developers and then where I hated Ms. Diamond, and witnessed domestic violence and where my mom left us for a couple of days in almost a scary way.

Afterwards, we moved to Jersey City... Where I had my first crush, discovered that I was a girl, loved .50 cent ice cream sandwiches,where it snowed, where the fireflies flew and got caught, wehre I got beaten up, where i beat some people up, where I learned to jump double dutch, where I built doll houses with my sister out of books where my aunt picked us up and took us to her suburban home of safety, cleansiness and gifts,where three women and thier babies got shot in the head execution style, where my father left on trips to venezuela, where i missed him, where there was alcohol, drugs, drama and good times. When times were good but not great.

We left to Venezuela.. it was BEAUTIFUL and dark the night we got there. Me and my sister knew no spanish, liked to run wild, ate soup , arepas and drank coffee each morning and night time.. where we weren't treated with favoritism at all. where we went to private school, where i had my first kiss, where i had my first boyfriend, where we were the talk of the town, where we are immortalized, where the mountains were green and the streets hilly, where I was the prettiest girl in town and where there was family tension and we left.

Then, we came to Miami on a whim.. where there was an empty promise that fell through, where we slept in the MIA airport for a week with little money and no food, running around making sure that we weren't caught and kicked out, where some travelers found us, where we lived in three shelters,one really unhygenic: Esperanza.., where me and my father fought and I ran away many times, where i went to middle school and then 3 high schools,

In Miami ...where we were alone, where the family structure crumbled and my brother was born... named Pheonix .. to rise out of our hardships, where we were evicted and my father got aggressive and abused drugs and alcohol , where he became violent, In Miami, where we entered foster care and my parents left the country. In Miami, I lived in one foster home.. where my foster parent was from a different culture than mine and strict.. where she had many rules and was single, where she lived in the suburbs.. in a far area of Miami.. where, i lost touch with my parents and family , where i had many caseworkers, and grew closer to my sister, where I lost the authority over my baby brother, where he has been adopted and I go to visit him.

At 18. I aged out. I found an efficiency close by Florida International University, and managed to take care of myself : completly independent. Where i got a part-time job offer, went to school and learned how to use my voice to make a difference.Where I grew close to people and ran away from others, where my sister lived with me and then left to NYC, where I threw my own birthday parties, where i distinguished good guys from jerks, where I decided that I am unique, where I learned to reach out to different things, where I have my first real boyfriend.. who cares for me and I for him... Where i won two internships ( 2008 Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute and Fosterclub), where I travelled alot.. Where I joined and created this state's advocacy group Florida Youth SHINE and the Miami Chapter of Florida Youth SHINE), where I finally flew out to meet my other side of the family in California , where i have learned many lessons