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So Far Well DoneMy experience here has been amazing. I have learned so much stuff I can bring back to my county. The food here is really good, everyone is really nice, and everything is convenient. The workshops are very informational and my favorite part is present backs because I like to learn and then be able to show what i can do with the info i took in.

Before I got here I thought that we would be surrounded by tall buildings and a lot of people. I thought we would be living in the same place we would work. The best part so far is the ocean I absolutely love to be able to go down the street and just step in the ocean. I also when we get time to talk to a staff and debrief its cool to get to know the people who are holding Foster Club together.

So far the hardest part of being here is that it seems a lot of personal things decided to escalate while being here. I've had two close family deaths, both my mother and spouse had a crisis. So its really hard not being home and supporting my loved ones and being unable to attend funeral services. I had the opportunity to be apart of The DREAM conference I met some really cool unique people. I had a leadership role but felt very comfortable to sit back and give my group a chance to all be leaders.

I'm glad I was apart of that conference because I met an ILP worker and she was so drawn to me and was just so interesting how much we connected and now she has my email and wants to keep in contact with me.

Jul 29, 2016 By Aliyah16